The T-Shirt Printers

We've been in business since 1984, a native company serving all Puerto Rico. We love our work. And want to be the alternative for all type of market. From one or 100 thousand t-shirts using complete technology with quality and rapidity. To allow opportunity to any budget the creation of its image in a t-shirt until for a cart of hot dogs or a lemonade shelf.

In the beginning of this business. my father took to several decades working in adverting as executive in The San Juan Star news paper. He help me to obtain good clients when I toke the reins in the part from sales. Also it gave me the structure to all the administration and the effort of good business Although already his retired but continues being the aces or of the business and many of their strategies are used daily. That is the reson the symbol of quality and perseverance in
The T-Shirt Printers

Thank you for serve you.
Peter Figueroa

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